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Out of the Abyss: Part 10 - The Grey Ghosts

Cast of Characters

  • Janek Boone - Human Champion (Tony)

  • Targonis - Wood Elf Ranger (Steve)

  • Aur - Aarakocra Rogue (Suresh)

  • Selya Skag - Vedalken Alchemist Artificer (Daniel)

  • Sunna Mortas - Tiefling Sorceror (Jo)

"Nom, Nom, Nom" said Roland as he consumed the still warm corpse of Droki the Derro.

Skag had retrieved Droki's backpack which contained; a scroll of invisibility, a potion of healing, a bag full of dead critters, a hand drawn picture of a derro male and child, a makeshift book containing a dozen parchment pages full of arcane scribbles and formulae, a lump of black metal, a small bronze locket containing an image of a female derro, a set of four pouches with names on them containing skin and toenail clippings and a copper tube containing a scroll. The scroll bore the names of some stone giant names which matched the names on the pouches and one name stood out, Dorhun.

Aur despatched Hedwig to investigate the side tunnel at the top of the slope which ultimately led to a pair of doors covered in fungal growths. Another branch to the left smelt of food and decomposing flesh. The main tunnel continued ahead and not much further along she spotted a large patch of yellow mould and in it something glinting. Beyond the mould she could hear the sounds of people.

What's that Rumbling?

With the party reeling from their encounter with the water weird it was decided that they needed a good rest to recover their stamina and they ensconced themselves in the tunnel by the lake. A few hours later the heroes were awakened by a rumbling in the earth. Fearing the worst they picked up their gear and ran up the slope to safety. Topsy and Turvey remarked that it sounded like a Xorn. Sure enough, a Xorn phased out of the rock wall of the tunnel and phased through its opposite wall completely oblivious to their presence.

Xorn - Dungeons and Dragons Dnd

"It could have been much worse" remarked Janek and they returned to their hiding hole to continue resting. In the morning they wake, but Topsy is restless and in pain. Aur inspects the deep gnome and reveals a bite mark on his stomach. The wound is about 3 weeks old Turvy tells him but Topsy keeps feeling pain. Janek thinks that Topsy may be carrying a parasite of some sort. Skag checks the wound but can't tell what caused it. Topsy didn't get a good look at what bit him but says he remembers glowing red eyes. Sunna takes the time to study the makeshift book and finds two wizard spells, Feign Death and Tenser's Floating Disc. These are useless to her but magical writings always have monetary value.

As the party moves off Aur takes the lead and investigates the patch of yellow mould alone. The mould conceals the corpse of a small humanoid about the size of a Dwarf or Duergar. She uncovers a ring and is covered in yellow mould and poisoned. Proudly she returns to the party and reveals the ring which Skag identifies as a ring of water walking. Janek takes the ring as it may be useful when they get to the harbour. Sunna blasts the mould with her firebolt burning away the spores.

Passing a tiny man-made tunnel high on the left wall, the inquisitive Aarakocran rogue nibbles on a fungus and shrinks down eightfold. A light breeze comes down what seems like a ventilation shaft. Exploring the network of tiny tunnels she emerges into a large well lit tunnel. Sending Hedwig on a scouting mission the owl reports that there is a large cavern ahead in which she can hear many voices. Aur returns to the party and reports what she has found.

Everyone agrees that they should continue on to find the Grey Ghosts and Targonis and Aur lead on down the main tunnel which curves gently to the right. One of them steps on a pressure plate which activates some form of spear trap. The pair narrowly avoid the spear but Hedwig is not so lucky and the animal familiar is skewered. They continue on and despite searching for traps Aur manages to trigger an oil trap and gets doused with the sticky substance. Fortunately she has a spell which she can use to clean herself. They both hear sounds coming from a tunnel to the right which is surrounded by patches of Bigwig and Pygmywort. As they enter they are immediately attacked by two giant spiders and a third vaguley humanoid spider thing with two heads.

More Giant Spiders

Targonis shoots a spider and they retaliate by shooting a web which fails to restrain and then biting him. Sunna rushes in to aid and casts a firebolt which fails to find its target. Aur attacks but misses. Janek charges into the fray and unleashes a flurry of critical strikes killing one spider. Targonis is bitten again. Skag firebolts a spider and throws a potion of resilience to Aur.

GIant Spiders - Out of the Abyss - DnD

Targonis disengages shouting "Attack! Attack! Attack!" Aur is covered in a sticky web which restrains her. Sunna moves into position and unleashes her burning hands. The spiders dodge but cannot get out of the way of all of her flames. Aur swigs the potion. Janek stabs at the 2 headed spider king and is bitten but does not succumb to its poison. Skags hurls another firebolt which lands wide of its mark. Nug spews on a spider damaging it. Targonis shoots swift wind and scores a hit. Aur tries but fails to break free of the web and is bitten again finally succumbing to unconsciousness. Sunna firebolts the spider king and Janek follows up with 2 stabs killing it. The final spider retaliates and tries to bite Janek. Skag attacks the spider but misses, they uncork a vial and a purple smoke wends its way through the melee and shoots up Aur's beak. The Aarakocra's eyes gape open startled as the magic smoke revives her. Targonis shoots and misses and Sunna despatches it with a firebolt.

Topsy howls in pain and transforms into a wererat biting his sister Turvey in the shoulder.

Janek slashes at Topsy but the wound heals instantly. Roland moves in to consume as Skag and Nug attack and miss. Topsy turns to run and Janek strikes with opportunity stabbing him in the back. The shortsword plunges deep and emerges through the little fellow's chest. Topsy snarls and pulls himself off the blade running into the shadows of the tunnel.

As their blood cools Roland begins to consume the spiders whilst Skag retrieves a poison sac from the spider king. Targonis begrudgingly heals Turvy aware that she will also share the sad fate of her brother and become a wererat..

A few moments later they hear voices and footsteps and 3 grey cloaked figures emerge from the shadows. The Grey Ghosts have found them...

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