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When Dragons Keep was formed, one of our founding principles was to give back to those in need when we were in a position to donate to charity. In 2022 with the help of our wonderful members, we made this a reality, with our first-ever donation.

We pledge that each year a portion of the club funds will go towards helping good and needy causes.


2023: Greenwich Winter
Night Shelter - GWNS

£637.50 Donated


Thanks to the generosity of our fantastic members and our pledge to donate every year. We're pleased to be able to make our biggest donation to date. £510 to Greenwich Winter Night Shelter, who provide food, warmth, and housing to those in need this wintertime.

Together with gift aid, this brings the donation to £637.50!


Thank you GWNS and everyone at Dragons Keep.

2022: Models For Heroes
£425 Donated

With the help of our generous members, combined with our club donation. We raised £425 for Models for Heroes at our Christmas Games Day event.

Models For Heroes support the UK Armed Forces and Emergency Service personnel with the meaningful hobby of model making. Helping our service people rehabilitate and overcome depression, anxiety and other such illnesses.

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