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The House of R'yleh: Part 4 - The Art of Negotiation

The beret wearing creature ordered his minions to surround the friends but, despite their weapons, it was clear that they were going to have to talk their way out of the situation. The cavern was dimly lit but four fully finished paintings could be seen leaning up against the far wall. Chester addressed the beret wearing creature as Peters but the creature said this was not his name. Yoshi put two and two together and realised that this was the macabre artist Thewlis, who had been drummed out of the Chelsea Art club for creating obscene art.

In broken English Yoshi claimed that they had come from the Chesea Art Club who had had a change in leadership. The new regime wanted to right a previous wrong and purchase all of the art on display in order to hold a grand exhibition, one of the conditions was the return of Davies and his two students.

Thewlis was intrigued and pulled his forces back enabling Yoshi and Ginger to cross the cavern and get a better look at the four paintings.

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