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Hellfrost - A Savage Turn of Events - Pt 1

Ellie - Yrsa Agdisdottir - a Saxa Sister of Mercy

Jay - Noire Ap-George - an Anari Fire Elementalist

Vincent - Tharivol - a Hearth Elf Reliquary Arcanologist

Jonas - Brognir Stonefist - a Frost Dwarf Paladin of Erthe

The game is a Dark Age fantasy using the Hellfrost Savage Worlds rules, DM is Tony.

A restful evening in the White Deer inn, one of the 4 inns which encircle the market square of the Northern town of Brae, was rudely interrupted when a young man stumbled through the door.

He was clearly suffering from exposure and what look liked a couple of wounds. Delirious and exhausted he spluttered "Sir Gunnar... Attacked!"

A crowd quickly surrounded the poor unfortunate Hearth Squire as the Sister of Mercy tended to his frostbite and called for hot water and warm blankets. "South... out of the trees..." the boy managed before he slipped into unconciousness.

Brognir downed his ale and stormed off to the Hearth Knights Hall to raise the alarm and returned shortly thereafter with a young knight by the name of Gerylt.

20 minutes later 4 of the other Knights assembled the townsfolk into 6 search parties equipping them with torches and heading out into the snow. Yrsa, Noire, Tharivol and Brognir made up one search party and headed due south along the road which was mostly hidden by fresh snow. Yrsa brought along her horse Eidleweiss in the hope that they needed to carry the injured Sir Gunnar back to town alive.

After two hours of trudging they reached the tree line and discovered Sir Gunnar's body under a fresh snowfall. His throat had been torn out by some wild animal. Brognir's keen senses smelt something in the trees and a huge mammoth burst forth almost crushing the four of them. They managed to roll out of the way but Eidleweiss was barged aside by the raging behemoth.

Chasing the mammoth was a dire wolf who lashed out at brognir and the foursome engaged in combat. The beast was finally felled by a skillfull strike from Noire's dagger. Brognir ran after the mammoth who had stopped running and was now foraging for snow buried food with it's long trunk.

Searching through the animals tack for some food, the dwarf found a scrap of old parchment which looked like a crude map pointing to a spot North of the town of Brae in the Greenpot Hills.

They returned to town with a broken horse and mixed emotions

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