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The House of R'yleh: Part 3 - All Tooled Up

In the Lambeth Slums

The misshapen creature watches the foursome as it climbs out of the well. Still shaking from the shock of it's appearance they come to the realisation that this is no man. Wurmshurst draws his revolver and begins to approach the creature from their vantage point at the top of the stairs. Yoshi's deep voice booms "Inugami" as he thunders down the stairs clattering into Ryan and knocking the gun from his hand. Ginger runs for the kitchen to find a weapon.

The creature seems unphased by this and cautiously approaches sniffing the air. Chester shouts at the creature to stay back as Yoshi tries to grapple it. Ginger grabs a heavy poker and has a few practice swings before running back to the cellar stairs.

The creature lunges at Yoshi but is momentarily distracted by Ryan and the big man from Japan locks the beast in a bear hug pinning his long skinny arms to his sides Yorikiri style. Chester lands at the bottom of the stairs and slams a right hook into the creature knocking a tooth out and dark brown blood splatters over Yoshi's face and shirt. Yoshi slams the beast against the brick wall. Ginger grabs Draper and threatens him with the poker, he complies and she drags him down the stairs. Ryan realises he has brought a gun to a fist fight so puts it away and joins in the melee.

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