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Committed Games Masters

Our team of dedicated Games Masters are committed to running their games come hell or high water.  You wont turn up at the club and find your GM has bailed on you.  In the unlikely event that your GM cannot make it (cos real life gets in the way sometimes), we will make every effort to accommodate you in other games to make sure that you have maximum fun on a Friday.


Games Days


We run a number of game day events throughout the year giving us all an opportunity to play games we wouldn't normally play on a Friday night.

Discord Server

Our Discord Server allows members to stay in touch, host video chat and share things among the members.  This is a crucial part of our club and help us to make sure that you know what is going on in the club without compromising your personal details.

During Lockdown you can tune in at 7pm every Friday for our world-famous Kebab Chat and chew the fat with fellow members before your game begins.

WhatsApp Group

Sometimes we need to send immediate communication to all our members.  We might need to tell you about Health and Safety instructions related to the hall or other critical operational information.

Games Calendar and Events

Want to know what games are being run in the next rotation then check the games calendar (link in discord),  We will be putting together a solution for pitching game ideas in the very near future.

Game Events are also posted on our Facebook Page so make sure that you check the

Retail Discounts


Dragons Keep is affiliated with online games retailer Games Sesh, your one-stop shop for games, miniatures, accessories and clothing. 

We are working on building our relationships with other vendors in the industry to unleash other discounts.

​​Dragons Keep Kit (Now Available)

We know our members like to wear their hearts on their sleeves and a full range of Dragons Keep merchandise is now available to buy. 

A percentage of every purchase will go back to help fund the club and helps to keep the lights on.

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