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Out of the Abyss - Part 1: Janek's Story

Updated: Oct 9, 2021

Out of the Abyss is a Dungeons and Dragons (DnD 5e) game set in the Underdark. Play takes place every Friday night at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club in Chislehurst South East London. The Dungeon Master is Joshua.

Cast of Characters

  • Janek Boone - Human Champion (Tony)

  • Targonis - Wood Elf Ranger (Nero)

  • Aur - Aarakocra Rogue (Suresh)

  • Selya Skag - Vedalken Alchemist Artificer (Daniel)

  • Sunna Mortas - Tiefling Sorceror (Jo)

Captured by Drow

All that Janek remembers is that he was in the employ of the wizard Marek Mardoolin on an expedition to find rare fungi, plants and herbs for his laboratory. They were surrounded by Drow who used their poison crossbows to subdue him. When he woke he was in a slave pen in their underground stronghold.

Over the next couple of days more slaves were added to pen, in fact it was becoming a veritable menagerie of species. Accompanying Janek and the others were:

  • Bupido - A relentlessly optimistic Derro (Deep Dwarf)

  • Derendel - A Quaggoth who claimed he was an elven prince under an enchantment

  • Ront - An Orc who had run away from a battle between his clan and some Dwarves

  • Eldreth Faldren - A female Dwarf who was the focus of Ront's anger.

  • Shuu-Shar The Awakened - A Kuotoa mystic who spent most of his time in meditation

  • Stool - A Myconid child who exuded spores which enabled telepathic communication

  • Topsy & Turvy - Twin Deep Gnomes

  • Jim Jar - A Deep Gnome with a penchant for gambling

  • Sarith Kzekarit - A Drow garment merchant slung in gaol for murdering his brother

Night after night the slaves would gather in Stool's spore cloud to silently discuss their escape plans. The following day they would try them out. All their attempts ended in failure no matter how they tested the Gaol and the Drow's defences. They always seemed to be out numbered or outwitted by the vicious commander of the Drow outpost and her guards and Quaggoth labourers.

The outpost, which they learned was called Velkynvelve, consisted of a series of hollowed out stalactites hanging from the roof of a chasm. The stalactites and caves which dotted the chasm walls were connected to each other by a series of wooden walkways. The floor of the chasm could be accessed by a rope elevator which was always attended by two Quaggoth at the top and two at the bottom. A fast flowing waterfall cascaded down the chasm wall into a murky pool below and three tunnels exited the chasm. The entire chasm was filled with fine tracery of spiderwebs and their incessant chittering echoed throughout.

Velvynvelve - Drow Outpost - Out of the Abyss
Velvynvelve - Drow Outpost - Out of the Abyss

After Ront was cruelly beaten and tossed over the chasm edge to become food for the giant spiders, the slaves were beginning to lose hope. However, during the night the outpost was attacled by dark shadows. The deposed Drow commander came to them during the attack and released them. He told them that the outpost was being attacked by Demons and that he had unfinished business to attend to. Their only chance of escape was to jump into the pool below.

Amid the sounds of ferocious battle from the chasm floor, they shuffled in their manacles towards the barracks where their equipment was stored. Crossing the wooden bridge into the first stalactite they surprised three Drow donning their armour and quickly sent them to the afterlife. Grabbing their weapons they made the short journey to the barracks. The Drow must have all been engaged in the fight against the demons because their path was unimpeded.

Aur used his lockpicks to release the slaves manacles and the to unlock Skag's pet ooze Nug from his tiny cage. They donned their armour and followed the Drow's instructions jumping into the pool below. As they emerged from the water a giant grey ooze rose out of the pool attacking them. They valiantly battled the ooze gradually reducing it to a pool of scum floating on the water.

With no time to spare they dashed for the first exit past a dying demon. The tiefling engaged in a brief infernal conversation with the demon who intimated that they had picked up "the scent" and followed it to this outpost. He died shortly after.

Shu-Shar excitedly told them that this tunnel would lead them to his home of Sloobludop and the shores of the Dark Lake some eight days journey away. The slaves quickened their pace and it was only then that they realised that Jim Jar was missing...

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