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The House of R'yleh - Part 2: What Lurks in the Darkness

Thursday 25th November 1923

At the Chelsea Art Club, the mystery deepens, more names are added to the list of the missing but the chums still don't have any solid leads to follow.

  • Jason Davies - missing for over a month - Art professor at the Chelsea School of Art.

  • Helen Wilson - missing for two weeks - a student of Prof. Davies.

  • Ruth Hall - missing for a couple of days - a student of Prof. Davies.

  • Ambrose Draper - Davies patron and the person who sold the silver locket to the pawnbroker.

  • Thewlis - An artist and friend of Davies who was kicked out of the club for obscenity.

Chester decides to break into the concierge's office and try to get addresses for Davies, Draper and Thewlis. He narrowly avoids being caught by Percival the concierge. Ginger decides that what they really need to know is what the papers said about the whole affair. She takes a cab to the British Library in Kings Cross, arriving just before closing time.

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