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Hellfrost: Part 12 - A Bloodbath at the Orc Camp

Trouble in Somerlisse is a Savage Worlds campaign using the Hellfrost setting. The Games Master is Mark Hamilton and play takes place every Friday night at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club.

  • Thingol Chillblane - A Frostborne Paladin of Kenaz (Suresh)

  • Sister Athura Magnusdottir - A healer and member of the Sisters of Mercy (Tony)

  • Vigo - An engro rogue of various talents (Martin)

  • Vissarel Nerinen - A Taiga Elf and mistress of Elemental magics (Martin)

  • Alvina - A Hearth Elf and Lorekeeper (Esme)

  • Zigmursund - A human roadwarden (Dave H)

  • Roderick - A Taiga Elf Bladedancer (Tony)

The Heroes Attack

Athura heads through the trees North East towards the Elite Orcs followed by Roderick. Alvina runs North West through the trees towards the orcs near the tents.

Vigo walks straight down the path followed by Zigmursund and hails the orcs

"Orcs, we come in peace, release the prisoners and you will all live!" he pauses "This does not have to become a Blood Bowl"

The orcs approach. Thingol follows Alvina through the trees. Vissarel readies her airbolt and follows Athura. The hooded figure mounts a polarbear as the frostborn issues a command in Finnar, "Deal with these interlopers and meet me at the ruins" before dissapearing through a gap in the rocky cliff.

Athura casts a stunning prayer on 2 elite orcs and one of the wolves but they shrug it off. Thingol fires a brace of fire bolts at an elite orc. One of his hexes glows bright red burning a hole through the orcs chest and the other passes through the pack. Vissarel hits with 2 of her air bolts shaking an elite orc briefly and hitting an orc but doing no damage. Zigmursund walks towards the hooded polar bear rider and shouts

"Oi, I want a word with you!"

Roderick runs past Athura towards the polar bear. Alvina calmly walks to the treeline and shoots at an orc but her arrow strikes weakly.

One orc lets loose the wolves chained to the post and they rush off to the trees. An orc shoots at Alvina but misses wildly, another misses thingol and a third misses Zigmursund.

A wolf attacks Zigmursund but he has the advantage of first strike and smashes it in the head with his flail killing it. The second wolf attacks Vissarel but misses with its snapping jaws. The third runs towards Athura.

Vigo pleads with the orcs "You are outnumbered, it is not too late to surrender", His words go unheeded and so he draws his bow and shoots an orc.

Athura steps forward and as the wolf leaps towards her she whacks it with her mace killing it. Vissarel fires 3 air bolts killing the the wolf attacking her and one flies off at an elite orc hitting it but doing no damage. Roderick begins to blade dance towards the wolf guard and an elite orc but his spinning blades do nothing. His dance continues wheeling across the snow towards the polar bear.

Athura and the wolf
Athura and the wolf

Vigo shoots an arrow at an old orc but it just sticks in his armour. The elite orc engages with Athura stricking with his waraxe and shaking her. Alvina shoots the old orc killing him. Thingol lets fly another 3 air bolts. 2 strike the elite orc attacking Athura, chopping him to pieces and the third whirls through the air striking the Polarbear as it rears up. The spell bursts through its chest and the bear slumps violently to the ground throwing off the hooded rider. The hooded figure stands up and casts a spell of summoning. In front of Thingol a frost elemental suddenly springs up out of the snow.

An orc fires at Alvina but misses, another fires at vigo but misses, a third fires a Zigmursund and hits his armour. The wolf rider shoots at Vissarel but misses. Zigmursund hits an orc with a javelin but does not wound it. The eagle eyed among the heroes notice movement in one of the tents to the East.

Athura emerges from the trees vainly attacking the wolf rider. Zigmursund attacks an orc but misses. Alvina shoots abother orc shaking him.

The Elemental hurls a cone shaped wall of ice at Thingol who ducks behind his shield. Vigo is also caught in the blast but is not so lucky and is wounded by the chill ice blast. The wolfrider attacks Athura but misses. Vissarel fires 3 air bolts which whirl razorlike around her before striking their targets killing the wolf and its rider and wounding the hooded mage.

The injured Vigo crawls off through the snow shouting "I'll be alright Vissarel". The hooded mage casts a spell of fear conjuring illusions of demonic apparitions which fly towards our heroes. Athura's faith falters and she is horrified by the visions. Roderick continues his graceful but deadly dance towards the hooded figure hitting him with his whirling blades. Thingol fires a cone of fire at the Elemental which immediately drops into the snow avoiding it. The two orcs behind it are not so lucky and are burnt to a crisp.

Two more orcs emerge from a tent, one small and the other a huge berzerker orc. Athura attacks the hooded mage but cannot hit him. The wounded VIgo ahoots desperately at an orc but misses Alvina shoots the same orc in the mouth killing it instantly. ZIgmursund defends Athura against the hooded mage but misses. Vissarel shoots her air bolts and kills him. Thingol fires fire bolts, 2 hit the Elemental exploding it in a scalding hot cloud of steam. The other kills the orc.

The remaining orcs attack Sigmursund. Thingol mortally wounds the berzerker orc with his fire bolts but the big orc still stands.

Roderick chases into the ravine on the trail of the frostborn but cannot find him. Vissarel fires a brace of air bolts across the battlefield felling the berzerker.

Gasping Vigo intimidatingly shouts at an orc "It is not too late to surrender" as a well aimed arrow from Alvina pierces his eye killing it. The last orc falls to Sigmursunds flail and the Saviours of Somerlisse triumph once again.

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