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Out of the Abyss: Part 11 - Kasra's Minions

Out of the Abyss is a Dungeons and Dragons (DnD 5e) game set in the Underdark. Play takes place every Friday night at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club in Chislehurst South East London. The Dungeon Master is Joshua.

Cast of Characters

  • Janek Boone - Human Champion (Tony)

  • Targonis - Wood Elf Ranger (Steve)

  • Aur - Aarakocra Rogue (Suresh)

  • Selya Skag - Vedalken Alchemist Artificer (Daniel)

  • Sunna Mortas - Tiefling Sorceror (Jo)

"Attack!" shouts one of the Duergar and the three move forward brandishing their farming implements..

Targonis, still reeling from the spider poison, knocks an arrow and shoots wildly "Stay back we mean you no harm" he cries. Sunna wastes no time and casts fire from her burning hands but the Duergar shrug off the weak flames as two of them enlarge and one goes invisible. Janek furiously stabs at the older Duergar with his twin blades. Skag retrieves the black rock from within the folds of their cloak and holds it out for the Duergar to see.

"If you want this... Back off!" he pours a vial of smoke over the rock and it dissapears.

Duergar - Out of the Abyss - D&D Dungeons and Dragons

Targonis clears his head and whispers "Swift Wind, strike true" as he lets fly an arrow at the elder duergar. The arrow thunks into his chest and he roars in pain. Sunna follows suit with a firebolt and Janek stabs him in the heart with critical precision. The life leaves the duergar's eyes and the grizzled champion shouts "Stop now and no more need to die".

From the aether screams a young voice "No, Granpappy" and the duergar flee through the crack in the wall.

Skag searches the body of the dead Duergar but finds only the accoutrements of a fungi farmer and a large collection of harvested mushshrooms.

Roland rolls over the body and begins to consume it.

The heroes rest, Aur finally gradually emerges from the paralysis and Targonis shrugs off the effects of the poison.

Into the Crack

Rested, the heroes nibble on Pygmywort and shrink to a size which allows them to enter the crack. The tunnels lead hither and thither before emerging into a large cave which stinks of fungus. The cave floor is a sunken pit covered in all manner of fungi. A copper tank stands at one end connected to irrigation pipes which span the pit. To the right is a ledge used for storing all manner of crates and barrels.

Restoring her size, Aur flies across the cave to the exit at the opposite side and can hear voices emanating from a side cave. She can distinguish four voices including that of an Aarakocra and one who is reverently referred to as Lorthio. Aur flies back and grabs the tiny Skag and transports them to the ledge. Janek leaps down from the crack into the pit, munching on a Bigwig as he falls and runs to the other side of the pit.

The Aarakocra voice instructs the others

"We need more before we can complete the ritual... Be ready for my return"

Three figures emerge from the side cave, the two duergar from their previous encounter and a third much larger duergar who appears to have been experimenting on himself and various tubes and pipes pierce his skin feeding him a strange green goo.

Sunna climbs down into the pit and eats a Bigwig. The larger duergar, Lorthio, instructs the elder duergar Samuel to go to the tank. He then lobs a vial at Janek splashing acid across his armour, a second fist strikes the champion across the jaw. Janek retaliates with a flurry of stabs striking home. Skag uncorks a vial and a stream of glittering sparkles descends on the duergar group covering two of them in sparkling faerie fire. Aur flies into the lab and spots Jimjar chained up. Swooping out she tries to attack Lorthio but misses. Samuel reaches the tank and cracks a valve. A yellow cloud of gas issues forth from the sprinklers overhead.

Targonis jumps into the bit and enlarges but succumbs to the gas doubling over as he retches. Sunna also begins to retch. Lorthio punches Janek once more and throws a vial of acid at the circling Aur. Undaunted, Janek stabs Lorthio. Skag clicks their heels and swiftly moves towards the fight, throwing a firebolt at Lorthio as he moves. Aur swoops into the laboratory and grabs a vial of green liquid which she tosses at Lorthio. The green liquid burns at the duergar's skin as Aur stabs him in the back.

Targonis climbs out of the pit and shoots at Samuel pinning him to the tank. A stream of yellow gas jets out of the arrow hole. Sunna turns her attention to Samuel and firebolts the duergar. Lorthio swigs a potion and a third arm grows out of his side which grasps at Janek. His other arm tosses another vial of acid behind him at Aur. Janek stabs wildly as Skag firebolts Samuel, reducing him to ash. Aur focuses his attacks on the mass of pulsating tubes through which the green ooze flows, sadly his strikes all miss.

"Not my Pappy!" screams the young duergar Reuben and he attacks Janek wildly.

Targonis' aim is true and his arrow lands neatly in the young Duergar's chest. Sunna's firebolt misses Lorthio as he punches Janek twice more with resounding success. Janek retaliates with an equally impressive pair of stabs. Skag firebolts Reuben as Aur slashes at Lorthio's feeding tubes cracking the glass. Reuben’s instinct is to turn invisible but his presence is highlighted by the faerie fire that covers him. Oblivious, he runs to escape. Janek spots the attempt to flee and opportunistically attacks. The fates roll against him and the champion's attacks uncharacteristically miss.

Targonis shoots once more but misses as Sunna's firebolt strikes home splashing fire at Lorthio. The alchemist swings a left at Janek but misses as his other hand shoots a ray of sickly yellow light at him from a strange glowing rock. His third hand strikes Aur across the beak and the rogue falls to the floor unconscious. Janek stabs vainly in retaliation. Skag runs to the champion’s aide and grabs one of Janek's two remaining healing vials and tosses it to Nug before firebolting Lorthio. The tubes burst and ooze drips down Lorthio’s back carving furrows in his flesh. The little ooze Nug flies across to Janek and dribbles the potion into his mouth. With a loud squawk Aur regains consciousness and springs to his feet stabbing Lorthio in the back with his sword. The point emerges from the alchemist's gut, much to his surprise.

Another arrow from Swift Wind screeches across the cave and embeds itself in Lorthio as he dodges a firebolt from Sunna. Embattled, Lorthio attacks wildly but misses as do all the heroes with the exception of Aur. His strike finally smashes the tubes and Lorthio's body is enveloped by the green goo which reacts in an almost sentient fashion.

Few notice the quivering Roland reacting violently and uncontrollably utters one word "Jubilex"

The heroes recover their composure and explore the laboratory and release Jimjar from his chains. Aur finds a solitary black feather upon the floor. Picking it up she hears a voice in his head "Welcome Sister"

Skag scours the lab for notes, equipment and ingredients. They find a book written in Abyssal with strange drawings explaining some form of demonic infusion spell. Perhaps this is what Lorthio used on himself or perhaps this is the ritual that the vile Aarakocra, Kasra is preparing …

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