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Hellfrost: Part 6 - The Barrow Wights

Updated: Jul 24, 2021

Trouble in Somerlisse is a Savage Worlds campaign using the Hellfrost setting. The Games Master is Mark Hamilton and play takes place every Friday night at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club.


  • Thingol Chillblane - A Frostborne Paladin of Kenaz (Esme)

  • Sister Athura Magnusdottir - A healer and member of the Sisters of Mercy (Tony)

  • Vigo - An engro rogue of various talents (Martin)

  • Vissarel Nerinen - A Taiga Elf and mistress of Elemental magics (Kat)

Four undead emerge from the trees and approach from the South East. Like a man possessed, Thingol runs down the mound to meet them head on. Athura shouts after him "We have the high ground!"

The Barrow Mounds at Somerhlaw
The Barrow Mounds at Somerhlaw

With some distance to his targets, Thingol fires off three fire bolts hitting three of the four zombies. Each bolt scores a solid hit which would have taken down lesser creatures but has no affect on these.

"Agents of Thrym do not waste our time with your minions reveal yourself" Shouts Athura. Thingol hurriedly returns to the company and enjoys the relative safety of strategic position and strength of numbers. Athura grabs his arm and whispers "Good to have you at my side friend"

Vissarel conjures three air demons which streak towards three of the undead. One dissipates before reaching its target but the other two claw at theirs with no effect.

Vigo looses an arrow, hitting a zombie dead on. His accuracy is not at fault but the arrow breaks on impact. The zombies boldy draw near to the mound. Thingol casts a spell of smiting on Vigo's bow. Flames writhe around the weapon weaving complex patterns before setting themselves into a golden arcane inscription across one of its limbs.

Vigo knocks an arrow, it's tip immediately burst into flame "cool" the Engro remarks as he lets the arrow fly at the zombie."Bullseye!" he shouts elatedly as the arrow embeds in the creatures eyesocket cuding it to burst into flame.

Barrow Wights

Up close these things are terrifying to behold. These are not the same as the ones they encountered in Lier, these are the haugbúi of legend, more commonly known as barrow-dwellers or grave wights.

A wight rushes up the mound brandishing an ancient bronze sword and strikes at Thingol who parries effortlessly. However, even though he is born of frost a cold shock hits as their weapons clash. Athura strikes but the white parries her blow and she also feels a cold blast as mace meets sword. Vissarell fires three heavy duty air bolts which combine and slam into the undead warrior from above smahing it into the ground. Its bones roll down the hill

Thingol waves his hands in the air wildly and forges a strong single bolt of fire which he looses at the white hitting it squarely in the chest and it staggers back. Vigo knocks anohter arrow to his bow, its tip instantly burns with fire before he lets it loose at a wight. The magically embued arrow curves around Thingol in a graceful arc before hitting its target so hard in the chest that it explodes in pieces.Its head sails through the air and bounces off a nearby tree.

Vissarel conjures a three helixed tornado which descends upon the the remaining wight ripping it limb from limb. Her smile soon turns to anguish as she feels the elemental energy being siphoned from her body and she momentarily feels powerless. Thank the gods that was the last one she thinks to herself.

Looking for Trouble

"Priest of Thrym, show yourself!" shouts the Sister of Mercy "We have dispatched your minions and I have your accursed Thrymstone dagger, come out you coward!"

Athura muses to herself "If the mountain won't come to Sister Athura then Sister Athura must go to the mountain" and she strides off purposefully South East following the wight tracks confident in her Godesses divine protection.

Vigo begins to search what remains of the corpses for riches and teaches Thingolthe finer arts of corpse robbery. With combined effort the pair try to push aside the stone door which seals the tomb from the ravages of nature.

Vissarel follows in Athura's footsteps. The tracks fork leading to 2 nearby mounds. Their stone doors have been pushed over from the inside. Vissarel conjures an air messenger to carry her words to Vigo "leave the tomb alone and come to our aid, we need you here"

Vissarell communes with a nearby raven who squawking describes that some dead things broke out of their mounds and left this area. Obligingly, it hops over to the doorway and looks inside the mound on the left, "clear" it skauwks and hops to the entrance of right hand mound "clear" it croaks.

"come out Thrympriest" shouts Athura in Frosttongue but no response.

Vigo enters the left mound which is full of cobwebs and decaying weapons, furniture and other funerial offerings. Finding some unguarded gold and silver, he begins to sings a lewd Engrosi song about gold and silver body parts. Thingol enters the right most mound. These is clearly the tomb of an old warrior. He must have been buried her over 200 years ago by the look of the bronze weapons which are much inferior to the steel and iron of the modern age.

Visseral enters the leftmost mound whilst Athura searches the threshold for thrymstones. She finds nothing but ruminates on the matter briefly. The dead don't just get up and walk off just because they feel like it. Hella the Goddess of the dead unleashed the undead on Rassilon centuries ago. Necromancy is the work of Helapriests but a Thrympriest can also do this.

"Thrympriest show yourself" shouts Athura.

In the mound Vigo is counting his newly found treasure, 20 gold shields in all. The raven flies in and snatches up one of the shiny shields from his hand. "You bugger!" he cries and throws a bronze pot at the bird, hitting and killing it. Vissarell feels the connection to the bird snap like an over taut rope.

Athura notices that Thingol is carrying what looks like a bag of looted coin. "I thought better of you" she says as he dumps the bag of silver at her feet. "For the cause" he grunts.

Athura scans the snowy floor for wight tracks and finds two sets whihc lead to 2 more mounds which need to be searched. Vigo and Athura take one and Thingol and Visarell the other. Vigo finds 20 gold shields which he tries to secrete into one of his pockets surreptitiously, but is observed dissaprovingly by Athura. "It is in his nature, Godess" she sighs.

Visseral and Thingol find 10 gold shields among the funerial offerings and decaying bric-a-brac. Vissarel amused with her new found knowledge of calls upon the ravens nearby. One answers and dutifly swoops down to crap on Vigo's head but despite several bombing runs it misses. Perhaps the Engro is once again in the favours of the Nauthiz the God of Chance and Thievery.

"The Thrympriest has moved on and we should return to Somerlisse" says Athura. They conduct a search of the 15 remaining barrows in case there are any other Thyrmstones.

Half an hour later they are back on their horses and riding towards Somerlisse

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