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Learn to Play Dungeons & Dragons in South East London

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

One of the most frequently asked questions we get at Dragons Keep is "How do I play Dungeons and Dragons". We are always welcoming of new players and our team of experienced Games Masters (GM) or Dungeon Masters (DM) will help you get to grips with the fundamentals of roleplaying and the game rules you will need to observe as you play your character.

What do I need to play Dungeons & Dragons?

An Imagination. Yes, that's it. You don't need any funny shaped dice, miniatures or even any rule books when you first start out. Your GM will have everything you need to use and will tell you which dice to roll or which rules apply when you choose to do something. What he can't do is make decisions for your character, that's your role.

Do I need to put on a voice?

No it's not necessary. We've all seen streams like Critical Role featuring professional voice actors playing Dungeons and Dragons. They effortlessley voice their characters for the benefit of their audience on the internet.

Tabletop Role Play Games in South East London
You don't need to be an actor to play Dungeons and Dragons

What is more important is that you get a feel for what your character would do in a given situation.

Are you a thinker or a fighter? Are you brave and bold or do you prefer to stay at the back helping your friends? Are you charming and persuasive or the strong silent type?

These are the sorts of personality traits which make your character real to everyone round the table and are what makes Tabletop Role Playing Games fun to play.

Join Dragons Keep and Unleash Your Imagination

The best way to start to learn how to play Dungeons and Dragons is to join a club like Dragons Keep where you will learn from experienced players and Games Masters.

If you live in the South East London are looking for a regular Friday night Tabletop Role Play Game (Bexley, Bromley, Chislehurst, Dartford, Eltham, Greenwich, Lewisham, Orpington, and Sidcup) then Dragons Keep is the club for you.

Contact Us and tell us about your passion.

If you live elsewhere then check out our tips on How to Find and Tabletop Role Play Group Near Me?

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