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Hellfrost: Part 8 - The Thrymzombies Awaken

Trouble in Somerlisse is a Savage Worlds campaign using the Hellfrost setting. The Games Master is Mark Hamilton and play takes place every Friday night at Dragons Keep Roleplay Club.


  • Thingol Chillblane - A Frostborne Paladin of Kenaz (Tony)

  • Sister Athura Magnusdottir - A healer and member of the Sisters of Mercy (Tony)

  • Vigo - An engro rogue of various talents (Martin)

  • Vissarel Nerinen - A Taiga Elf and mistress of Elemental magics (Kat)

  • Alvina - A Hearth Elf and Lorekeeper (Esme)

  • Zigmursund - A human roadwarden (Dave H)

  • Roderick - A Taiga Elf Bladedancer (Kat)

More Patients at the Infirmary

In the infirmary Athura lends a hand. There are new sick from one of the stead’s and their condition is worse, they are dying. Runa says that more didn’t make the journey and died along the roadside but they have not been able to decipher their incoherent ramblings and fon't know which stead they are from. Athura searches their belongings in a vain hope of finding a clue. Ydonia asks her if there has been any news from the Brynstead some 12 miles west of Somerlisse.

Athura shows Runa the Thrymstone dagger and that she found it at Fryggths tomb. Runa adds that against local custom, Fryggth was buried, whilst Penfricks first wife was cremated. Athura bids them good night and returns to the inn.

The crowds have thinned and Vigo asks once more if anyone wants him to buy something from oddburt. He takes his cut of the bar (43 Gold shields) from Alfred the bar keep and heads to the latrine in the alleyway outside to relieve himself.

A Battle in the Snow

When Athura enters she heads to the bar to get an ale to remove the stench of death from her nostrils. She strikes up a conversation with Zigmursund, who tells her he is a roadwarden and she introduces him to the others. Pleasantries exchanged, they are about to discuss their next move when two screams pierce the frigid night air.

Thingol, Vissarel, Roderick and Zigmursund run for the door. Athura swings open the shutters. Across the snowy covered street outside, Runa and Ydonia are fleeing from the infirmary pursued by three dark figures dressed in infirmary smocks. Vigo looks out of the shadows of the alleyway as a woman runs past in terror.

Fighting zombies in the street
Fighting zombies in the street

The four heroes run towards the infirmary as Athura scrambles to her feet and from the inn door cries

“Fly you fools”

Thingol fires 3 fire bolts at the oncoming zombies to no effect and continues to run towards them. Zigmursund is the first to engage and swings his flail down onto the head of one crushing it. Vissarel casts 3 mighty air comets which scream across the gap hitting two targets, one staggers back but another lands with full force punching a hole clean through its chest.

More zombies emerge from the infirmary.

Zigmursund is attacked but parries the zombie's advances. His riposte, a blow which would have felled any normal man, just bounces off.

With a whirling of blades Roderick begins to dance towards the zombies. He engages a pair of zombies and hits both leaving one carved into pieces like a Sunday roast. His dance continues and he engages again near the infirmary door.

Alvina follows Athura out of the door shooting her bow at the zombie in the infirmary doorway. The arrow strikes true but shatters on impact. These undead are tough.

Thingol casts another trio of fire bolts and hits two zombies. One bursts spectacularly into flame the other has no effect. Vigo shoots from the alleyway at the zombie engaged with Zigmursund, his arrow sticking into the creatures side but it does not seem phased.

Vissarel conjures another 3 air comets hitting the one in the infirmary doorway. Athura shouts at Runa and Ydonia,

“get inside women!”

Where Did They Come From?

As they catch their breath six more zombies explode out of hiding places in the snow.

Vissarel brings three air comets crashing down from the sky crushing and pummelling two of the abonimations into the snowy ground from whence they came.

The zombies advance and two attack Alvina who staggers back to Athura's side shooting as she retreats. Athura says a brief prayer and lunges into attack with her mace beating them back but her blows are all parried.

Rodericks blade dancing seems slower as he whirls around the street ineffectually striking at several zombies in his path. Zigmursund pushes back the ravenous zombie with his shield and fear surges through his body giving him extra energy to keep up the fight.

Athura plants a might blow on the zombie killing it as Vissarel's air comets slam into her opponent killing it and the one attacking Zigmursund. Thank the Gods.

Free to move, Zigmursund rushes at the one by the infirmary door, a whirling uppercut separating its head from its shoulders. The head flies skywards and lands on the porch roof it’s still blinking eyes surveying the snowy battlefield below.

As the battle wanes, Vigo staggers out of the alleyway, his trousers round his ankles and his undergarments flapping in the chill snowy breeze. The short one must have been literally caught short.

Thingol engages the last zombie in the alleyway to the south but his faith fails him leaving him shaking like a leaf. The bladedancer rushes to his aid but his whirling blades strike Thingol instead, wounding the already reeling paladin.

Alvina begins hurriedly scribbling an account of the battle as the paladin shrugs off his battle weariness, steps back and let’s 3 bolts fly towards the zombie. His bolts fly true and the creature explodes into flame.

As the creatures skull crumbles to dust in the fierce flames, Thingol falls to his knees exhausted.

Thingol falls to his knees, exhausted
Thingol falls to his knees, exhausted

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