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Tour of the Skorvey Reaches

Tour of the Skorvey Reaches

Games Master:

Steve W


Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC)

A brief tour of the Skorvey Reaches wherein the adventurers will encounter the highlights of this unfairly neglected area and meet its most engaging and prominent personages. Being an adventure for the more discerning of role playing game players. That being those who eschew cold dank dungeons filled with hostile creatures or tedious travel across the dark lords domains.

This is the adventure for you. This is an adventurer unlike such fare. Instead here you will encounter like minded people, indulge in lively and elaborate dialogue while dressed in fashionable elegance. Sipping he finest and rarest wines, dining on delicacies prepared to your specific requirements all the while attended by servants. This adventure is a picaresque experience for adventurers of a cunning and adaptable disposition set on a dying and senile earth in its 20th Eon.

The 20th Eon is robustly and accurately simulated by the DCC RPG engine in a cunning way that will make you unable to distinguish the simulation from the reality of the 20 Eon where the earth is dying under a red and bloated sun that daily quivers and shows black spots. The world is ancient with ruins from many dead civilisations and the people have grown strange, selfish ad peculiar in their organisation. Here you can show outstanding ingenuity, indomitable spirit in avoiding danger, sartorial extravagance and unconventional attitudes to personal property.

The DM accepts no liability for adventurers experiences falling short of that which is advertised above and patrons are reminded that exaggeration and inaccuracy are a natural and accepted feature of the 20th eon and the details above fully encompass such a spirit.

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