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The Goblin That Came In From The Cold

The Goblin That Came In From The Cold

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Oliver Schreiber assistant to the King clamps a cigar between his jaws. What can he tell his Majesty this time? All his best informants are dead and the Augen Trust has gone dark. Even his own spies have fallen to Kryn assassins. He’s managed to hold together the semblance of a spy ring across the mountains, but even that is fragile.

Oliver takes out a map. It’s time to plan again. Time to find people who can finish the job.

People with an penchant for violence perhaps? People too curious for their own good. Running away from something or someone. Hiding in the shadows. Desperate and in need of coin. How about ‘all of the above?’

His servant enters: ‘Mr Schreiber, the King will see you now’. Oliver smiles and stubbs out his cigar.

He will find these people.

Oliver’s secret army.

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