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Riotous Indignation

Riotous Indignation

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

In the Kingdom of Pendel, nestled in the hills of Pendelshire, lies a river that snakes its way down from the Giantfell Mountains. The river once had a proper name but local folk being what they are had come up with a new one. The river started to be described as the Giant's Piddle. Off one of the many tributaries of the Piddle River lies the small village of Little Piddle.

An unassuming little village with even more unassuming villagers.
The village is noteworthy for one thing: a few hundred years or so ago the villagers caught and burned a Witch and the following harvest was bountiful.
Of course there was some debate as to whether it was a real witch and not some busy body who was a bit too uppity but everyone agreed the village was better off without them. It also left a rather unsavoury attitude towards arcane magic even to this day, best not talk about it…or practice it.
At all.
No sir.
The villagers never found another witch, but still felt the need to celebrate the one they caught every year. Henceforth on the same day for the last 400 years the 'Little Piddle Village Fayre…and Witch Burning' celebration has taken place on the village green. The fayre attracts people from far and wide. Dwarves come from the Giantfell Mountains to peddle their smithed wares. Wizards and other scholars take the opportunity to congregate and discuss the questions of the cosmos (but not magic of course). Alchemists, Trappers, Foresters and more all attend the fayre to sell their wares and enjoy the merriment. Of course the unsavoury underbelly of the shire always know an opportunity when they see one so you can be sure they are there as well…lurking somewhere. This year there is the 6th annual brawling championship to look forward to, or the archery contest! Like all who gather at the fayre you are there to enjoy the fun. It’s a jolly good time for everyone involved, surely nothing exciting will happen in this backwater village…?

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