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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

In a forgotten corner of the realm lies Mystvale, a rugged and isolated land amidst the Mountains. The people of Mystvale are tough and self-sufficient, surviving and thriving there for centuries. But now strange and terrifying new threats are stalking their homeland, far beyond anything they have faced before, and threatening to destroy their way of life. Their call for help has been heard.

Join the reconnaissance party, travel to Mystvale and assess the situation. This is your opportunity to gain experience, develop your talents and do good in this world. A wide range of skills will be needed to handle the terrain, gain the trust of the locals, and understand the dangers.

Interested? Contact Father Abraham at the Dragon’s Keep Inn without delay!


A Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition original adventure:

- medieval fantasy setting, similar to Forgotten Realms
- starting level 1, milestone progression, potential to reach level 7
- all character creation options from PHB, TCoE, XGtE allowed
- point buy ability scores
- optional rules to bolster the martial classes
- standard encumbrance rules
- opportunities to learn information, earn additional currency and acquire equipment during the journey to Mystvale
- WhatsApp group for session zero discussions and ongoing communication

Read Session Reports at:

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