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Meanwhile in Sector 55

Meanwhile in Sector 55

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Savage Worlds

The mean streets of Mega City One don't police themselves! In the sprawling metropolis that spans the east cost of what was the United States of America, Judges fight ongoing war against lawlesness and chaos. You are a Judge trained from infancy to protect the people and uphold the rule of Law. You are the LAW!

You are a Judge stationed in Sector 55. Your job is to patrol the streets of the sector and dispense Justice to habitually criminal inhabitants of this teeming metropolis. Packed like hamsters in their tiny apartments, only 4% of the 800 million citizens have jobs, and with that much free time they are a powderkeg ready to blow. Do you have what it takes to quash a riot, stop a block war or chase a perp through the irradiated wasteland of The Cursed Earth? Then this could be the game for you.

The game uses the Savage Worlds system which is a rules light cinematic approach to roleplay games. Easy to learn, with fast and frenetic combat, it focuses on fun, letting you focus on roleplaying without getting bogged down in rules and math. Never played a roleplaying game before? Then savage worlds is a great introduction.

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