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Masks of Theros

Masks of Theros

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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

Erebos created two masks to commemorate his lovers when they passed beyond his reach. Unable to even look at the artifacts afterwards, he broke the Elpis mask into pieces and scattered them across the world of Theros. The Ainoe mask resisted all efforts to break it. Ephara, Goddess of the Polis and of all that is orderly and civilized, feared this potential for chaos and disaster.

She gathered up the Ainoe mask to seal away in her most sacred temple, on the site that would later become the city of Meletis. Over the countless aeons since, the temple was replaced by a newer and grander home for Ephara’s sacred statues and priesthood. History forgot the ancient temple. While obscurity provided safety for many centuries, a prophecy now decrees that the mask must be moved. The heroes of Erebos’ Grief must piece together the fragments of history and myth to learn the truth, and retrieve the mask.

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