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Convergence and other threats

Convergence and other threats

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Call of Cthulhu: Delta Green

Agents, welcome to Delta Green.
Delta Green is a covert organisation that has been investigating, dealing with and, when necessary, eliminating preternatural threats since a federal raid on Innsmouth, way back in ‘28. Yep, preternatural shit. Cults, paranormal activity, UFO phenomena, fringe science, the whole gamut. Better pray you’re ready for it.

I’m Agent Cleo, your contact when DG needs you for an assignment. We operate in self-contained cells of three to six agents. You are November Cell. Keeping each cell and their assignments compartmentalised protects our anonymity. The only DG agents you’ll have contact with are myself and Alpha Cell - Alphonse, Andrea and Adam (no, of course that’s not their real names). They are top of the DG food chain and know more about the threats we face than anyone.
We also have a few of what we call ‘friendlies’ out in the field, non-agents we call on when needed for anything from patching up injuries - did I mention this is a dangerous gig? - to accessing restricted data, security clearances, safe houses, illegal shit and more. They know and do only what they need to, nothing more. Do not put them in the line of fire.

As for the assignments, we may concoct a cover story to make them appear as just another routine federal case. That’s what Joe Public, your commanding officers, the Bureau, Hell even the Pentagon will be made to believe.
You’ll draw a blank on some assignments, that’s just how it goes. But when the weird shit gets real, keep your heads. DG needs intel and evidence, not corpses, be they yours or innocent citizens. We do not scorch the earth wherever we tread. But there will be times you’ll need to burn everything down. When the moment comes, you’ll need to make the right choice.
Flash your badges and make your investigations look above board, providing it maintains the cover story. Otherwise, resort to guile and less-savoury - Hell, even illegal methods, I’ll support you with whatever you need. Just don’t be reckless, that gung-ho cowboy shit gets us exposed and you dead. If you need assistance, you call me first. For those of you without federal authority, I may provide false IDs and badges. If not, do your work way below the radar.
I cannot stress this enough agents - we’re so covert that anonymity is our number one priority, period. We lose that, we’re fucked in more ways than you can possibly imagine.
No more questions - no, I wasn’t asking. Wait for my contact, you’ll receive your assignment soon enough.
Be seeing you.

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