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How Do You Play Tabletop Role Playing Games Online?

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

The lockdown has put the kybosh on us meeting in the flesh which you would think is a prerequisite for playing an RPG. As a result many of us have turned to hosting our tabletop role playing games online.

At Dragons Keep we have a dedicated Discord server that members can use to keep in touch with each other. We actively members to join our open video call "Kebab Chat" every Friday so we can just shoot the breeze before our games start.

What Do You Need to Play RPGs Online?

Dragons Keep Games Master Tony gives some advice on his blog about the bare minimum you need to host a game.

"It sounds daunting, but to be honest we are all pretty familiar with things like Zoom meetings and Facetime these days. I would say that you really need two devices; one to handle the voice (and video) and the other to access your games Virtual Tabletop (VTT).

Personally, I prefer to use Roll20 as it runs in the browser and is quick and easy for me to set up with maps and counters. I'm using Savage Worlds for my Judge Dredd Campaign and Roll20 incorporates character sheets and macros to handle dice rolling. This means that the players don't need to bring anything to the table, everything is handled in the VTT."

Tony has provided an excellent Lo-Fi Guide to Playing Roleplaying Games Online on his blog Roleplay-Geek.

Online Role Playing Games are not this difficult
Online Role Playing Games are not this difficult

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