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Mega City Blues - Judge Dredd

Mega City Blues - Judge Dredd

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Savage Worlds

Judges police the mean streets of Mega City One, a sprawling metropolis stretching along the east cost of what was the United States of America. In the ongoing war against lawlesness you are the only line of defence in Sector 55. You are the LAW!

The game uses the Savage Worlds system Savage Dredd setting. Play is currently online only due to the COVID-19 lockdown and uses a combination of Roll20 and Discord.

If you are interested in taking part online and becoming a Dragons Keep member then CONTACT US.

You can follow the exploits of Judges Hammer, Teal and Uthred over at Tony's Blog Roleplay-Geek where he writes a weekly report on each session in the campaign. Use the link below.

Read Session Reports at:

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